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California Property Tax Associates (CAPTA) is an expert in the field of Property Tax Reduction. For many years and through two recessions we have saved thousands of clients millions of dollars in Counties throughout the State of California by representation before the Assessment Appeals Boards in the assessment reduction process.

Our Associates who actively appeal the California Property Taxes of our Client’s portfolios include attorneys, licensed and certified appraisers, and past and present County Assessment Appeals Board Members.  With three offices across the state, we attend board hearings in all Counties from San Diego to Siskiyou ensuring the highest tax reductions possible.

Enforce our Clients Rights under Proposition 13 and ensure they never pay more property tax than what they are required to pay after applying every conceivable reduction strategy allowed by law.

We invite you to learn more about us and our ability to reduce your property tax liability.  We handle all aspects of the property tax reduction process; from filing the property tax appeal, communication with the County Assessor’s office and, appearing at the board hearing on your behalf.  And we aren’t satisfied until we feel the assessed value of your property is at fair market value, ensuring you pay only your fair share in property taxes.

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