Kern County Industrial Condos

Posted on Feb 11, 2011 in County, Follow Our Work, Industrial, Kern County Property Taxes

Kern County Industrial Condos

And the work continues…

We have a client with some industrial condos in the Bakersfield area.  We had done some preliminary work on these four units last year and formulated an opinion of value as of January 1, 2009 of $90/sf.  Initially when we talked to the Kern County Assessor’s Office, they were unwilling to reduce the property below $140/sf, or the actual roll value for 2009.  We informed the appraiser there that we would then have to take this matter before the assessment appeals board because we felt strongly that these parcels were over assessed; and that’s where we left it.

This morning we received a call that they would agree to reduce the properties to $100/sf.  We agreed that was a fair value and the paperwork will be processed and a check for over $6,000 will be sent to our client in the coming weeks.  You want CAPTA on your side!

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