Why Choose CAPTA?

Posted on Mar 26, 2012 in County, Follow Our Work, Orange County Property Taxes, Residential Development Land, Testimonials, Vacant Land

Why Choose CAPTA?

This letter comes from an existing client of ours. He had retained our services on a couple parcels, in Orange and Los Angeles Counties. In the 2009 tax year, our client decided to use a different company that states a lower fee. Understandable that he is looking to save money – after all that is what we try to do for all our clients. In that 2009 year, the other company failed to achieve a reduction for our client. Meanwhile, his friend had purchased the exact same property as did he at almost the same time, for the same price. His friend had chose CAPTA to represent him. Needless to say, CAPTA achieved a reduction on the property saving him over $4,500. What happens next? Read on…

“On a separate matter, as you may recall, I own a parcel of land in Orange County, California. We retained a different property tax agent to appeal the 2009-2010 value of the lot and as you will see in the attached notice, the agent was unable to obtain a lower valuation from the board. My longtime friend and business partner [a judge!], retained you to appeal his taxes based on my referral. He purchased his lot in the same section of XXXX as me within a few months of my purchase, for the exact same price and from the exact same seller. You had persuaded the board to lower his appraised value for property taxes for 2009-2010 to $3,800,000 from $42,265,640. I was thus wondering if you would be able to use the success in his case as a means to have my 2009-10 valuation reduced accordingly. For your reference, I’ve attached herto an electronic copy of both of our notices. In any event, based on your success, I would like CAPTA to represent me in the next year’s appeal for this property.”

Need we say anything further?

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