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At CAPTA we want to make sure our clients pay only their fair share in property taxes.  As a property manager, you want to ensure that your client has a fully occupied building with minimal costs.  Did you realize that property taxes are generally the highest cost associated to owning a property, outside of mortgage interest?  What if you could add a service for your clients that would help them save, potentially, a ton of money and you would get paid to do it?  Please read on through the posts below to learn more about adding value to your relationships with your clients while participating in CAPTA’s success!

For more information on our Partnership Programs, call Jim Guffey at (909) 867-5000.

CAPTA at ICSC RECon 2011

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CAPTA is an exhibitor at the ICSC Real Estate Convention in Las Vegas on May 22nd to May 25th. Visit us at Booth #S385 on S Street in the upper South Hall. We will also be holding a network event at the Aria Resort & Casino.RSVP Now!!!

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Over $4,000 in Referral Payments Today!

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We've had many people inquiring lately about our referral programs. If you're not aware, we offer referral programs to Real Estate Brokers & Property Managers, as well as other real estate professionals who bring CAPTA new clients for our property tax reduction services. While this program is relatively new to CAPTA, we have been making some payments lately to our referring partners and today we are issuing checks totaling more than $4,000. One of our partners

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New Property Management Partner

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Due to our reputation with a current property manager partner, our Director of Marketing met with a National Real Estate Services and Finance organization Friday. They have determined that their clients are severely over paying their property taxes...

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Property Management Partnership Program

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Value Added Services If you're reading this, it's likely because you realize the more value you can add to your services, the more you will be appreciated and..

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