Tried Reduction Process Himself with No Luck – How About CAPTA?

Posted on Jan 11, 2012 in Testimonials

Another happy Los Angeles County property owner writes us after we were able to successfully lower his property tax liability on his home:
“I tried the reduction process myself before hiring CAPTA and could not get County to move downward.” CAPTA took over his two appeals on his home and got the property’s assessed value reduced for both years, saving this client over $800. May not be tens of thousands but Wayne is happy!

Sadly, even after our success on those appeals, the County has kept his value at the amount THEY think is fair. So CAPTA continues to appeal the value and will likely get it reduced for yet another year. Be careful when you hear the County reduces values themselves. Many times if you don’t take action, they won’t reduce it to the actual Fair Market Value, meaning you will pay more than your fair share in property taxes. Whether you hire CAPTA or not, you owe it to yourself to pay attention to your assessments and challenge them when they seem to high.

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