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  • Welcome to CAPTA.
    The Property Tax Reduction Experts
    Ensuring you pay only your
    fair share of property taxes.
  • Helping our Clients Save since 1989
    For many years and through two recessions our property tax agents have
          saved thousands of clients millions of dollars in property taxes
  • Helping your bottom-line
    Property taxes are often the single highest expense on your income statement.
    Are you sure you're not paying more than you should?

Welcome to CAPTA

No Savings = No Fee!

California Property Tax Associates (CAPTA) is the expert in reducing California Property Taxes. We work entirely on a contingency basis meaning that if there are no savings, there is no fee from us!


We've represented thousands of commercial properties throughout California.


Home prices are on the rise, but does that mean your assessment is fair?

Outside the Box

Why we exist: to ensure your property is assessed at FAIR market value, not the Assessor's opinion.

Values are on the rise - are you protected?

Are you a property owner in the state of California? Then you might be happy to know that overall, property developers, homeowners and commercial property owners have done well these last several years. We are happy for you if you are one of them. But many who think they are in this group are unnecessarily overpaying their property taxes -- and the sad truth is they don't have to. Are you or your client one of them? It will cost you nothing to find out.

We've saved THOUSANDS of clients MILLIONS of dollars

For many years and through two recessions our property tax agents have saved our clients millions of dollars in property taxes. We work in all Counties throughout the State of California by representation before the Assessment Apppeals Boards in the assessment reduction process.

Our Mission is Simple:

Enforce our Clients' Rights under Proposition 13 and ensure they never pay more property tax than what they are required after applying every conceivable reduction strategy allowed by law.

Time is Critical

With very few exceptions, when the application deadlines pass there is no going back to appeal past years' property taxes in the property tax appeal process. You owe it to yourself and your portfolio to put CAPTA on your side. Remember, No Savings = No Fee!

You've got questions - We've got answers

Frequently Asked Questions


Who is CAPTA and how can you reduce my property taxes in my County?

CAPTA is a California Partnership that specializes in real estate property tax reduction throughout the...

We have a very complicated property of great value. Is your company capable?

Precisely our forte. As previously stated we are a company that thinks outside the box. We research your...

Is your company successful in reducing property taxes in California?

The simple answer is, extraordinarily! Again, we are a company that thinks outside the box. Each County knows...

If you are hired to help me, what do I have to do?

Almost Nothing!!! Once we discuss your property characteristics with you, we will represent you as needed to obtain a reduction...

Do It Yourself

In the many years we have been involved in the Property Tax Reduction business we have seen many things.… Our attendance at Assessment Appeals Hearings, either with Hearing Officers or the full Assessment Appeals Board has given us the opportunity to learn more and more. While waiting our turn to have a Client's case heard, we have watched as individuals, property managers, lawyers and even other agents present their cases. It is always interesting to watch as the property owners or their representatives fall victim to the arbitrary procedural rules and customs in each County. The Video to the right is courtesy: © CA State Board of Equalization Website:Your Assessment Appeal

Free Resources

The following California Property Tax Assessment Reduction resources are presented as a free public service by CAPTA:

Filing Periods

Click Here for a list of Filing Deadlines for each County in California

BOE Publications

Click Here for the state Board of Equalization resources to help you understand the Proposition 13 and Proposition 8 California Property Tax System

Assessor's Handbook

Click Here for the California property tax guidelines for appraising different property types

California Counties

Click Here for a complete listing of County Departments from Tax Collector to Planning

County Assessors

Click Here for a complete list of County Assessor's Offices with websites