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Frequently Asked Questions

The following is available to help you understand the taxation and representation process from county to county. Property tax ssessment reduction of commercial property as well as residential property does vary; please call us for questions specific to a particular county.

If you still have questions after reviewing this page and our CAPTA website, please do not hesitate to Contact us!


Who is CAPTA (California Property Tax Associates) – and how can you reduce my property taxes in my county?

CAPTA is a California Partnership that specializes in real estate property tax reduction throughout the State of California. For each Client we represent we apply an organized process for compiling and analyzing available data. This includes researching the County property tax records for each individual property, examining recent sales of similar properties in the vicinity of the subject and performing a comparable valuation analysis. This is different than a normal appraisal in that we determine a property’s value based upon the provisions of the Revenue and Taxation Code; it doesn’t necessarily matter what you paid to buy or build your property or what you think the value is.

One of our partners began performing these services representing California Property tax payers in 1989. Throughout the 1990’s the focus was primarily on large commercial projects and land developments as well as upscale residential properties. We saved thousands and thousands of Californians many millions of dollars in over-assessed property taxes. Our results then, like now were based on employing a highly skilled staff, access to extensive industry information, and a clear understanding of the California property tax assessment process.


We have a very complicated property of great value. Is your company capable of handling such a unique property?

Precisely our forte. As previously stated we are a company that thinks outside the box. We research your property and use our experience to develop the best strategy allowed by law. We have more time than the assessor’s office gives their appraisers, and more experience than many of our adversaries in the assessor’ s office.

Is your company successful in reducing property taxes in California?

The simple answer is, extraordinarily! Again, we are a company that thinks outside the box. Each county knows our agents and consultants will fight for the reduction they believe is due. As we go before the assessment appeals board County by County, we have earned a reputation as aggressive and knowledgeable adversaries. It is for this reason we frequently negotiate informally with the appraisers at the assessor’s office. It is this experience and expertise that provides you with the best possible representation.

If you are hired to help me, what do I have to do?

Almost Nothing!!! Once we discuss your property characteristics with you, we will represents you as needed to obtain a reduction in the assessed value of your property. Whatever it takes, we do all the work to see that your property is fairly assessed, even preparing the case and appealing all the way to the California Property Tax Assessment Appeals Board. And you pay nothing unless you receive documentation of the assessment reduction.

Are you one of those companies I read about scamming people?

No. In fact, we are on those websites giving links to our do-it-yourself pages. We do however take exception to being lumped in with a few bad people who are trying to mislead the elderly into paying a few hundred dollars they can’t afford to pay. As previously stated our clients are primarily well-to-do and professionals with no time to learn the system of property tax reduction in California. We are no more a scam company than Income Tax Preparers who do income taxes for people who could easily do it them themselves, or Auto Repair Shops changing oil for people perfectly capable of changing their own oil. We are no different as evidenced by our representation of attorneys and judges. See our posting of AB992.

What is your fee?

At CAPTA we work entirely on a contingency basis; if you don’t receive a property tax savings, credit or refund you pay us nothing! Otherwise, our fee is simply a portion of your savings. No savings; no fee!

Do I pay you every year I save the money?

No. Our fee is based on the documented property tax savings in the first full fiscal year. If you receive a prior year(s) savings, credit or refund we would also share in that, although generally you lose your right once filing deadlines pass for previous years. Only if you receive a further reduction in subsequent years do you pay us for the additional reduction. Please call us for further details as there are certain differences county to county.

Is there a fee if my property tax assessment isn't reduced?

Absolutely NOT!!! There are no hidden fees, no up front costs, no cash out of pocket to CAPTA. You pay absolutely nothing to CAPTA until your property taxes have been reduced and you have documentation notifying you of your properties assessed value reduction. Some Counties require a filing fee for the application for changed assessment, which is filed yearly and will need to be covered by you, but CAPTA requires no upfront payment for their services.

Will someone come out to inspect my property?

It is possible but probably not. Most counties have their hands full with thousands of appeals each year and they typically will rely on public records to make their case. Mostly, in preparation for a hearing, an associate of California Property Tax Associates may have to visit and inspect your property. At all times we will be discreet with the information we collect.

Should I hire you or should I do it myself?

Self-representation is always an option. The difference in hiring California Property Tax Associates is that you will have a team of full-time professionals with a clear understanding of the property tax appeal process along with our industry specific databases of valuable information that, when used together will ensure an aggressive strategy to obtain the maximum property tax reduction and greatest savings for you, our Client.