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Sacramento County Property Tax Reduction

We were appealing the assessed value of a 2.3 acre commercial site with an older, 3 tenant retail building that fronts the main street and a older single family residence behind it in Sacramento County. The back of the lot, which is unimproved, is considered excess land. The first year’s enrolled value was $1,795,000 and the next year’s enrolled value was higher at $1,808,000. It looks like this value would have carried forward to the next tax year if we had not successfully appealed.

San Bernardino Retail Property Tax Reduction

We were contacted by a property owner in San Bernardino County who had filed an application for changed assessment on a vacant retail building. We received our agreements to handle her appeal which was scheduled for just two weeks from then. The building was occupied by a national video rental chain that went bankrupt some time back. The property has been listed for lease and sale for two years now.

Los Angeles County Restaurant Reduction

Yesterday we attended a hearing before the board of appeals on a fast food restaurant (major chain) in Los Angeles County. By showing that the reduced rent paid by the tenant towards the end of the lease, and that this particular chain was inferior to other top brands, we were able to secure a reduction in the property tax assessment from $1,556,900 to $850,000. That’s a single year’s property tax savings of over $7,700 and a reduction of almost 50%!

Orange County Retail Property Tax Reduction

Due to our pending application for changed assessment we were able to work out a reduction on a retail property in the Fullerton area of Orange County today. The County appraiser had offered a small reduction on the assessment of just over $850,000 but we didn't feel it was adequate. After declining their offer and identifying the issues with the property's location and conversion from multi-family residences, as well as the income and other external influences to the property we were able to secure a reduction to $570,000 resulting in refunds to our client of almost $3,000.

Orange County Office Condos

We were also to prove reductions on a couple office condominiums in Orange County today. These are located in the Irvine area and were assessed at $921,000 and $775,000. We had already secured reductions through our Proposition 8 Request for Review to $555,000 and $440,000 respectively. A typical property tax agent would have been ecstatic about these reductions and likely would have left it alone at that point - especially given the lower values. CAPTA isn't a typical property tax consulting firm and pushed onward with our applications for changed assessment.

Kern County Big Box Reduction

After working with the County of Kern on what used to be a National Bookstore, we were able to secure a major reduction for our client for two years. This after not even having filed for the first year! The property was assessed at over $7,000,000 and was vacant for much of the year. While it may seem like a slam dunk to reduce a property that is vacant, you can't lose sight of the market around it.

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