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San Bernardino Single Family Residence Property Tax Appeal

After filing an application for changed assessment to lower the assessed value of a home in San Bernardino County, we were able to work out a reduction with the County Assessor’s office resulting in refunds to our client. After some back and forth with the County we were able to show why the comparables used were in fact superior and provided our own more realistic sales. As a result, we were able to show the fair market value was not the enrolled $1,100,000 but rather $900,000, giving our client a refund of over $2,000.

San Diego County Duplex Reduction

We were able to work out a stipulation on a duplex in San Diego County, assessed at $1,737,989. This reduction in the property tax base was achieved after providing the County with information pertaining to comparable sales and income produced by this property. The value we agreed upon was $1,550,000, a property tax reduction of approximately $2,200 to our client, which will be refunded him within the next month. Wouldn't it be great to get a refund on property taxes paid?

San Bernardino County $1,500 Property Tax Refund

Today one of our agents was able to secure a $152,000 reduction in the assessment of a single family residence in San Bernardino County. After dealing with the County we were able to show that the value should be reduced from $1,097,000 to $945,000 saving our client over $1,500 in property taxes!

San Bernardino County Home Reductions

One of our clients purchased a handful of foreclosed homes in San Bernardino County. The County Assessor's office is charged with ascribing a value to the property upon change of ownership, that is indicative of fair market value at that time. When dealing with foreclosures, we see that many times the Assessor's office places a higher value than the purchase price and taxes the owner based on that higher value. This is due to the County believing that the price paid was not in fact fair market value as it was not a typical "arms length" transaction.

Los Angeles Residential Reductions

We had a huge day in Los Angeles for a number of clients. Due to our filed applications for changed assessment, we had hearing officer appointments for an entire day in Los Angeles County and below is what we were able to do for our clients with Single Family Residences:
From $778,594 to $750,000 - Property Tax Savings of $300
From $650,200 to $617,000 - Property Tax Refund due of $350
From $814,066 to $700,000 - Property Tax Reduction of $1,200
From $650,000 to $500,000 - Property Tax Refund due of $1,600

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