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California Property Tax Associates (CAPTA) is the expert in the field of Property Tax Reduction. We have represented thousands of clients throughout the State of California. Our Mission is Simple: Enforce our Clients Rights under Proposition 13 and ensure they never pay more property tax than what they are required to pay after applying every conceivable reduction strategy allowed by law.


You will read throughout this site that we want nothing more than to know that our clients pay only their fair share in property taxes. If you've seen our competitors' sites, you'll likely see similar statements made. So what is the difference? What does CAPTA do that you will not find anywhere else?


First, the principals at CAPTA have been involved with the property tax appeal process since 1989. We have seen this process in action before and have identified many of the intricacies involved when dealing with County Assessor's offices. We have also witnessed the transformation that has taken place since and how that impacts the success of a property tax appeal. We have forged many relationships in Assessor's offices across the State and have established a presence that our competition can't even understand.


CAPTA will take the entire property tax appeal process over for you. Once we have begun the process, very little will be required of you. We will handle the filing of all necessary property tax appeals and requests. We will deal with all communication regarding these appeals with the County Assessor's office. We will attend all necessary board hearings on your property tax appeals. We will effectively communicate with you every step of the way, ensuring you fully understand the process and the timelines involved. We will recommend the best course of action to take regarding these appeals and will see them through from start to finish.


But, the main two differences you will get from having CAPTA as your Property Tax Agents:

  1. The partners at CAPTA understand commercial real estate from the inside out. We have purchased, built, developed, leased, managed, and owned commercial property in the State of California (and internationally). We understand that frankly, you have enough to do; enough to worry about. We realize that, especially in this economy, any reductions in expenses that can be made are gladly welcomed.
  2. With CAPTA you will not be dealing with people who will file some papers on your behalf and then hope for the best. You will have the Property Tax Reduction Experts who will do what it takes to make sure you pay the least amount possible - YOUR FAIR SHARE! We simply are not happy until we know we've won and we don't win unless you save.


To the right, you will see examples of reductions we've achieved. For more, we welcome you to Follow Our Work. You will see that we are constantly working to reduce our clients' property taxes.


For more on why you should choose CAPTA, please go to Why CAPTA?


We encourage you to read through the entire site and if at any point you have any questions, please feel free to go to our Contact Form or call us at (888) 903-5766.