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Why Should You Choose CAPTA?

CAPTA (California Property Tax Associates) is a California Partnership that specializes in real estate property tax consulting throughout the State of California. One of our partners began performing these services for California Property owners in 1989.

Throughout the 1990′s the focus was primarily on large commercial projects and land developments as well as upscale residential properties. We saved thousands and thousands of Californians many millions of dollars in over-assessed property taxes. Our past and present success relies on our highly skilled staff, access to extensive industry information and clear understanding of the property assessment process.

Unlike other companies our fee is entirely contingency based; no savings, no fee. There is never an up-front fee or a reimbursement of costs. The only exception to this is if the Assessors Office in the County where the property is located has a fee. Generally running about $35 per parcel this fee will be paid by the property owner at the time of filing by check made out to the County.

Simply put, NO SAVINGS = NO FEE

California Property Tax Assessment Appeal Experience and Services:
  1. Representation by a company experienced in virtually all property types
  2. Filing of all necessary paperwork throughout the year
  3. Pressure on the Assessor through informal requests and formal appeals
  4. Comprehensive research to determine the lowest possible value each year
  5. Full-time professional staff ready to work with the Assessor at any time
  6. Negotiation with Assessor's office prior to Assessment Appeals Hearing
  7. Full Representation at the County Assessment Appeals Board Hearing as necessary

We Think Outside The Box

We hate to use this worn out expression but it is exactly what is called for in our current California Property Tax Assessment / Reassessment situation. The tried and true, follow the book procedures of the past need to be reinvented with each case.

In the last few years there have been many changes in the Assessment Appeals arena. Appraisal methods used for the past 14 years are being replaced with ’shoot from the hip’ thinking. To prepare for an Assessment Appeal in California Counties is in many ways like an unscripted debate, where common sense and proving ones case in real life are becoming more important than following ‘the rules’. Its simply not as easy as providing a few comparable sales, as some may lead you to believe. CAPTA however, has been through it all and continues to adapt.

In our years of experience we have seen other companies come and go. Some decide property tax appeals would be a good way to scam you out of your hard earned money; others have "real jobs" but attempt to pursue property tax appeals as a side job. Through it all one thing is certain - CAPTA isn't going anywhere. And being contingency based, CAPTA won't stop until we appeal your property's value to the lowest possible. Time and time again we see other companies take what is "given" them by the County Assessors. At CAPTA, that simply isn't good enough. We couldn't have become as successful as we are by being satisfied with the Assessor's opinions. That is after all why we exist: to insure your property is assessed at FAIR market value, not the Assessor's opinion.

We Are Property Owners and Developers

At California Property Tax Associates we understand the problems of commercial property owners, managers and developers because our partners are commercial property owners, managers and developers. In addition to starting to work in the area of property tax appeals and reassessments in 1989, our associates have various past and current experience building and managing residential development and commercial properties, as well as leasing experience. You will not be turning your property tax issues over to ‘form filers’ as many companies are, but to a group of people led by commercial property owners and managers experienced in the California real estate market. We understand this business from the inside.

Experience, Knowledge and Common Sense

Our experience started in the last serious downturn in the market back in the early 1990’s. We worked within our knowledge of the Revenue and Taxation Code, the Assessor’s Handbooks and California Assessment Appeal procedures. Further, based on our extensive experience representing thousands of Clients and working Statewide, we developed strategies to maximize our Clients Property Tax Savings, Credits and Refunds. The result? California Property Tax Associates is on the cutting edge ready to put our experience buying, building and managing real estate to work for you. We will represent you to reduce your property tax liability by using our experience and knowledge of the Property Tax Assessment Appeals system in California. And the best part to you? If you do not receive a property tax savings, credit or refund, you owe us nothing. No Savings: No Fee!

Time is critical, the opporutnity to file for the 2017 tax year is only days away!

Please contact us now at (888) 903-5766 or E-mail Us right away!