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Vacant Residential Land

Riverside County Residential Land

We had a hearing on a piece of vacant residential development land in Riverside County - Menifee area. The property owner had been trying for over two years to get his property reduced but had no success. He used us as his property tax agent for a 2010 case, but was holding fast to his 2008 and 2009 cases as he felt he would be able to handle it.
Once we took this appeal over (with only about 2 weeks to prepare), we attempted to work with Riverside County on the appeal without having to go before the board of appeals. However, as is often the case with Riverside and land appeals, we were forced to go before the board and present our case: a move that actually cost the County of Riverside. But we digress: after proving our case and disqualifying the Assessor's comparable sales, we were able to prove the value of the property was 20% less than enrolled saving our client about $5,700 for the 2008 year. Yes, a 20% reduction in 2008!