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San Bernardino Retail

San Bernardino Retail Property Tax Reduction

We were contacted by a property owner in San Bernardino County who had filed an application for changed assessment on a vacant retail building. We received our agreements to handle her appeal which was scheduled for just two weeks from then. The building was occupied by a national video rental chain that went bankrupt some time back. The property has been listed for lease and sale for two years now.
The County sent this property owner a survey to fill out and explain the income and reason for appeal. Even after knowing the property was vacant, they failed to help the owner with the assessment; clearly it was over assessed at $1,430,753!
Just 5 days later, we had worked out a reduction to the property tax assessment to $750,000 – almost 50%!
Unfortunately, Counties don’t tend to work with property owners. Rather, the system almost seems designed scare them into not showing up for a scheduled hearing. Sad, but seemingly true!