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Office Building

Orange County Office Condos

We were also to prove reductions on a couple office condominiums in Orange County today. These are located in the Irvine area and were assessed at $921,000 and $775,000. We had already secured reductions through our Proposition 8 Request for Review to $555,000 and $440,000 respectively. A typical property tax agent would have been ecstatic about these reductions and likely would have left it alone at that point - especially given the lower values. CAPTA isn't a typical property tax consulting firm and pushed onward with our applications for changed assessment. After working with the Assessor's office, we were able to prove further reductions to $475,000 and $380,000 respectively. This client saved a total of $9,200 because of our work and had they gone with another firm, would probably have lost out on $1,500 of that! You can check out the rest, but when you want real results, come talk to the best!