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Orange County Industrial Property Tax Reduction

This property is a large industrial building on a few acres of land. At first glance, the property appeared to be well below value. In 2009, the assessment was at $10,400,000 and we were able to prove a reduction to $8,800,000. In 2010, it was solidly performing and any other property tax agent would have done a search for some comparable sales and realizing it was already reduced 20% would probably have given up. CAPTA is not here to look for the easy win - we're here to secure the lowest value possible (just ask Riverside County).

Orange County Warehouse Reduction

The subject property is a warehouse in the Placentia area. We were able to secure a reduction from $1,980,000 to $1,565,000. Now, through our application for changed assessment we were able to prove an additional reduction to $1,200,000. Thats a total of $780,000 in reductions over two years - 40% on an industrial warehouse in Orange County! The savings to our client in this year alone totalled almost $8,600!

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